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A Silver Wheel for Harun

Harun's glass gaze reflects the beloved East, Shows the Rose the beauty of her face, Folding and unfolding, without surcease. Such a jewel of service deserves Our Royal grace, Crown awards in court; a Silver Wheel, released.  Such a jewel of service deserves Our Royal grace, folding and unfolding, without surcease. Show the Rose the beauty of her face; Harun's glass gaze reflects the beloved East.   Ryouko'jin, Demon King of the Three Heavens,  and Rani Indrakshi, award a Silver Wheel to Harun al-Najm al-Shirazi at Pennsic War in the year of the Blue Tyger, AS 57   - - - - - - - - - - Harun al-Najm al-Shirazi for a Silver Wheel  Harun is a photographer.  He is receiving his Silver wheel for service to the East in documenting our events, and in particular taking stunning portrait photography, especially of our current king and queen. Writing a period style poem for a photographer is tricky, as it is not a thing that

Court Barony for Sterling de la Rosa

This is the command of the noble, exalted, lofty sultinic sign and the illustrious, world-conquering khakanic tuğra… may it be effective through Divine aid and Eternal protection!  Heed the mighty words of Sultan R'youko’jin and Sultana Indrakshi. We have commanded that Our Knight Sterling De La Rosa, having pleased us with his advice, his service, and the skill of his sword, be made a Baron of our Court. May he be granted a plot of land close by the Iron Bog, fertile and damp, which bears many large stones.  This command, thus given in writing, must therefore be enacted before the sun has set on this day, the 4th of June in the 57th year of the Society, from Our Dīvān at Southern Region War Camp. ------------ Word Count: 126 Words by Countess Marguerite inghean Lachlainn My R=research notes from previous Ottoman scrolls: Persona notes: Notes for the Scr

Pelican for Fortune

Without running on in poetical fashion,  without using hyperbolic figures of speech, which are too clearly courtier’s flattery, we should turn our attention to praising Fortune Sancte Keyne, the one and only wonder and miracle of nature, the high ruler of the sea, lofty courtesan, favorable & strong,  without equivalent or peer in the world.  In her the Crowns of the East take pleasure in elevating her into the secure, eternal nest of the Pelican, an Order which had been incomplete. Done this day anno societatis LVI, at the Aisles of March by the great good wisdom of Ioannes II & Honig II -------------------- The words for this are based on the writing of courtesan and poet Veronica Franco.  The recipient of this Pelican is Countess Fortune Sancte Keyne, whose persona is an Italian Courtesan.  She is a member of the Knowne World Courtesan's Guild and hosts a regular book club called “sex book club” where the participants read period texts and discuss period perceptions o