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Updated Value Map for SCA Membership: 2023

All models are wrong, some are useful  -George E.P. Box It's been a hot minute (ok, not really a minute, more like a long and agonizing 3 year Pandemic) since I offered an SCA Value Map.  I have a couple of updates coming in light of the most recent Board of Directors meeting (April 2023).  Additionally, I wish to support of Master Aeron Harper/ David Biggs' work on improper sanctions handed down by the Board:  A Tale of 6 Sanctions    And Mistress Iselda de Narbonne/ Alexandra Evans'  petition to the BoD to restructure the organization. First: Context for this article In September of 2020 I offered some professional insight on the value of a paid SCA membership during the time period when the SCA was struggling with not being able to attend events in person.  At the same time the Board of Directors asked it's participants to buy paid memberships.  I did an analysis of what the "Pre-pandemic" and "Current Pandemic" value of an SCA membership was in o

A Triad Poem for Valerian's Pelican

Three acts of courtesy a good man should strive for: Holding a hearth seat for the cold and weary stranger,  Word fame given wildly for another man’s deeds, Bountiful bread broken with all who come to his table. This is the courtesy of Valerian of Somerset. He offers the gift of abundance. Cordials of cordiality,  provisions of partnership; the communion of community.    He serves the whole Society with his hospitality.  Three animal senses are soothed in Valerian’s mead hall: Our tongues know the sweetness of milk and honey, Our noses breathe the perfume of fire and wood smoke Our ears hear the sizzle-song of meat dripping onto coals. While I with my voice, make a feast with my words, Valerian, with his flame, has made a feast for us all.  Your majesties, one more triad to end this poem: He is my peer, he is my peer, he is my peer. ------- This poem was spoken by me for Baron Valerian of Somerset as a part of his peerage ceremony during his elevation to the Pelican.  When I was still